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  3. A minor update for roleplay has been released. Patch Notes: • Updated Robbery System completely. • Specific as well as random animations have been added upon robbing / failing the robbery. • GUI progress bar has been replaced by classic timer. • Robbery Types have been differentiated. • You will see special messages upon robbing by shopkeepers / owners. • Funny messages will show up when you fail a robbery. • Now there is a cash limit set for robbing the same place multiple times. • Upon robbing a place too many times, the place will
  4. A minor update has been released. Patch Notes: • Airport Baggage Officer Job has been completely updated. • Added more Baggages at the airport to pick up. • Added 16 Total locations to deliver the Baggages. • Added 16 Funny Messages upon Failing the Delivery. • Added 16 Special Messages upon delivery. • Going away from airport when delivering will kick you from job for 15 minutes + 3 star wanted level. • Upon failing 5 deliveries in a row in a span of 15 minutes will kick you from job. • Rewards are given based on ranks. • Cash will be
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  6. Fireman job is already in todolist since 1.3 version of this server. Its just VCMP do not sync water and fire. Thats why it was never added. Though, we are looking for alternatives to make it work. Custom weapons are already present in files, store/weapons and will be available in future updates for use and purchase. As for custom cars, they are also planned. As for Island like GTA VCS, i havent played it much, also this image isnt loading. So i cant take the idea of what you are talking about. Other suggests are also already in Todo.
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    I have some ideas

    Well, hello all. I have been playing in your server 3 days, and i see some potencial. I like the changes in map, but this is not the case. I have some ideas that could help the server to rise in number of players. First: add firefighter job, it wold be cool. Now, some stetic and work incentives: add some mod cars and guns (i was thinking about to drive an Audi R8 in the beach listening to vaporwave, or maybe a skate?). Add some new island with a fair, similar to the Vice City Stories fair. I dont know, i think you can do it, it wold be great to see the map with more life and fun stuffs and pla
  8. A minor update has been released. Patch Notes: • Fixed some small errors. • Updated Mega Map in Menu to realistic one. • Updated Broken Generic file. • Added New Custom Roads. • Added new Radar Disc. • Fixed the Alpha of minimap. • Fixed error while entering ID in /wep command.
  9. A minor update has been released. Patch Notes: • Updated Spree System. • Added auto-warn for death evades ( only when in combat ) • Added Briefcase/Bag for Smugglers carrying the items. • Smugglers are required to hold the bag/briefcase in hand to deliver the items. • Medical Officers are required to hold the medical kit in hand to heal a player. • Mechanics are now required to hold the toolbox in hand to fix a vehicle. • Fixed minor bug in Getting Nearest Vehicle / Player function. • Fixed a minor bug in discord script. • Adde
  10. A minor patch has been released. Fixes: • Fixed Some broken collisions • Fixed Getting Infinite Medic Kits upon entering an ambulance • Fixed Players getting stuck at Spawn Selection Screen. • Fixed Max Height Bug. • Fixed FPV Bug. • Fixed C Glitch with Throwables bug. • Fixed being able to spawn as cop/airport officer when wanted. • Fixed Baggage Carrier Locations. Updates: • Added Akina Town Map • Added Hawai Map • Added Trees at Twin Buildings • Added Beta Version Airport • Added Beta Control Tower.
  11. Version (v1.5.10)


    Paste this in your store folder, extract files and join the server for enjoyment. Regards, Anish
  12. Patch Notes: • Fixed /buytool bug • Fixed robbery checkpoints randomly disappearing in mall. • Added some accessible rooftops around Vice City. • WK chatriot now has teleport to Roof as well. • Fixed some weapon desyncs. • Jitter system can now be used for all gamemodes. • Fixed k/d ratio.
  13. VFS Ranks ( Based on Robskills ) No. : #1 Rank : Newbie. Requirement : n/A Advantage/Unlockable : $100 per robbery. No. : #2 Rank : Pickpocket. Requirement : 1-99 Skills Advantage/Unlockables : $250-500 per every robbery. No. : #3 Rank : Underdog. Requirement : 100-249 Skills Advantage/Unlockables : $550-750 per every robbery No. : #4 Rank : Decoit Requirement : 250-499 Skills Advantage/Unlockables : $1000-1750 per every robbery + Tool Shop Access. No. : #5 Rank
  14. A minor update has been released. Patch Notes: - Weapon drop in Roleplay gamemode has been temporarily disabled until further updates. - Weapon Shop is now rank based and OP Weapons ( M4, Ruger, Spaz, Sniper and Laserscope ) are unlocked upon completing 500 Rob skills. - Tool Shop is now available and is rank based. Requires 250 Robskills to unlock Tool Access. 500 Rob skills for Chainsaw and Katana. - Bomb/Explosive Shop is now available and Rank Based. Requires 1500 Robskills to unlock. Yet, Explosives for Vehicles, Bank Robbery and Property Explosives are not av
  15. Transferred. You new nick is Clarke., you can next apply after a month else your request would be denied.
  16. INACTIVITY APPLICATION Before posting an inactivity application make sure you have read the policy and use the following format: Regards, Management Vice Freemode Server
  17. POSTING A SUGGESTION Before you post a suggestion in this board, make sure you follow the conditions and the following format: Regards, Management Vice Freemode Server
  18. Anish

    Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation
  19. Do you want the nickname "Clarke." including the dot?
  20. Current Nickname: DeCryZ. New Nickname: Clarke. Why do you wanna change your nickname?: It was my old nick and I wanna use this again :) Screenshot of your stats(must be from in-game):https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/698061315587047476/835588937338191883/unknown.png
  21. The format for posting a stats transfer application is as follows: Before posting the application, make sure you have read the terms and conditions thoroughly. Regards, Management Vice Freemode Server
  22. Patch Notes: • Added Abandoned Village near Fort Baxtor • Added Helping / Information Pickups for all Jobs near Their Spawn Locations. • Added Extra Checkpoints to deliver trash at Junkyard. • Added another Checkpoint to buy worms / sell fishes. • Added 10 Types of Finishes. • Added Random Chance to Capture multiple fishes using a single worm. • Fishery Pickups can move up and down randomly. • Fishery pickups are set to disappear within 15 seconds when not picked up. • Added Keybind RMB to Capture the Fish. • Upon entering a boat, you
  23. A minor update has been released. Patch Notes : • Added Auto Score update based on Kills/Skills/Stats in each gamemode. • You can no longer spawn with Baggage Carrier Job when you are wanted. • Baggage carriers can no longer move away from the airport.
  24. VICE FREEMODE SERVER Hey there everyone! Vice Freemode Server has a very unique style of gamemodes, therefore we need a unique structure of staff ranking, thus I feel pleasured in announcing the change. TWO new ranks are being announced, viz., @DM Manager and @RP Manager. And, along with the addition of these two, the @Manager, is being removed. AND! Along with this, @Mody will be promoted to the @RP Manager rank and @ZeeX. to the @DM Manager rank. Regards, Anish Vice Freemode Server
  25. A minor update has been released. Patch Notes: • Fixed the mute system and mute evasion. • Added Current Stats ( Use keybind (K) to view, works for each gamemode ) • Fixed Bank Vault Checkpoint Co-ordinates. • Updated join message colours and credits.
  26. A minor update has been released. Patch Notes: - Improved FPV Disabled System. - Improved C-Glitch with Throwables Disabled System. - Improved Jitter System ( now there is a delay of 5s between each warn )
  27. A minor update has been released. Patch Notes : - Added a jetty at downtown - Improved Jitter System in DM. It now has a delay of 5 seconds after each warn.
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