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  1. Version (v1.5.10)


    Paste this in your store folder, extract files and join the server for enjoyment. Regards, Anish
  2. Transferred. You new nick is Clarke., you can next apply after a month else your request would be denied.
  3. INACTIVITY APPLICATION Before posting an inactivity application make sure you have read the policy and use the following format: Regards, Management Vice Freemode Server
  4. POSTING A SUGGESTION Before you post a suggestion in this board, make sure you follow the conditions and the following format: Regards, Management Vice Freemode Server
  5. Anish

    Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation
  6. The format for posting a stats transfer application is as follows: Before posting the application, make sure you have read the terms and conditions thoroughly. Regards, Management Vice Freemode Server
  7. VICE FREEMODE SERVER Hey there everyone! Vice Freemode Server has a very unique style of gamemodes, therefore we need a unique structure of staff ranking, thus I feel pleasured in announcing the change. TWO new ranks are being announced, viz., @DM Manager and @RP Manager. And, along with the addition of these two, the @Manager, is being removed. AND! Along with this, @Mody will be promoted to the @RP Manager rank and @ZeeX. to the @DM Manager rank. Regards, Anish Vice Freemode Server
  8. Version v1.5.1


    These are the server store files, for the version 1.5.1, updated 23rd March 2021.
  9. THE DEATHMATCH GAMEMODE At Vice Freemode Server, we provide you with a very unique deathmatch experience. The server's deathmatching system provides the pure experience of deathmatching with all applicable deathmatching features. These are the various main and unique features we provide: Customisable Spawn Protection - The server allows the players to customise how long their spawn protection shall last, for example, 3 seconds, 5 seconds etc. Custom Spawn Location - Players can customise their spawn locations according to their choice. Last Position or Die P
  10. Version v1.5


    SERVER FILES Uploaded 9th March 2021 Thanks Mody^, for providing this file.
  11. • VICE FREEMODE SERVER • Hello players! I feel really pleased to announce the comeback of Vice Freeroam Server as Vice Freemode Server! The server will be releasing on Monday, 8th March 2021 at 12:30 PM GMT. VFS v1.5 will be making an epic comeback, with many new features, a whole new experience and multiple gamemodes. We will be starting all over again, but with a lot more excitement! The gamemodes available in VFS v1.5 are listed at Gamemodes Introduction topic. Currently, the server will be opened with the Deathmatch and Roleplay gamemodes. Both the gamemodes contain many new fea
  12. There are some few rules regarding this board. Make sure to advertise your clans and gangs according to the rules. You can only advertise clans/gangs you are a part of / you own. You should not impersonate any clan/gang. Only gang & clan related stuff must be posted. Otherwise the post will be removed. Failing to follow rules will result in forum warn. Consistent rulebreaks will lead into forum ban. Regards, Management Vice Freeroam Server
  13. You have to keep the following points in mind while suggesting. Make sure that the suggestion you're posting is about something possible in VC:MP Make sure to mention the gamemode you are suggesting an improvement for. Do not report bugs here. Off-Topics will be removed. Spamming the same suggestion will lead to forum warn. Make sure the suggestion you are posting is new and creative and isnt already suggested by someone else. Click here to post a suggestion. Regards, Management Vice Freeroam Server
  14. Here is the list of gamemodes, for which you can suggest a change or improvement or something new and unique Deathmatch Team Deathmatch Roleplay Racing Freeroam Battle Royale These are the gamemodes planned by the developers, once released, all your suggestions will be more than welcome. NOTE: Do not suggest anything for the gamemode not released, else you'll be forum warned.
  15. These notes are some additional points you need to keep in mind. You can reply to a Player Report if you fall into the following scenarios. You are the reporter. You are the player who got reported. You have additional Evidence against/favouring the reported player. You are a staff member. If you do not fall under above scenarios and fall under the following, then you can also be punished for doing such : You are brother/relative of reporter. You are friend of reporter/reported player. You came to give a witness ( please keep in
  16. Make sure to keep the following points in mind before reporting a player: You should use the appropriate format to report. Evidence must be valid ( i.e Screenshots of Ingame, Video evidence ) Video Evidence > Any other evidence. Make sure the rule broken is actually an ingame/forum or discord rule, else the report can be denied instantly. This board is for reporting non-staff/normal players. Do not report staff members in this board if they are found abusing their powers. However, you can report a staff member here if they break an ingame rule. Do n
  17. Make sure to keep the following points in mind while reporting a staff member: Use the appropriate format. If you are punished by an admin unfairly, then post an unwarn/unban appeal with proper evidence. Reporting them instead will lead to a forum+ingame warn. Do not report staffs for breaking ingame rules here. Report in Players report if an ingame rule is broken. Make sure that you have a proper evidence against the staff member you are reporting. Else, reverse action can be taken against you. Do not spam. Do not argue. No personal attacks.
  18. Make sure the keep the following points in mind while reporting a bug/typo: Bug should be related to VFS. We cannot deal with VC:MP Bugs. Must report using appropriate format. Must not spam. Must not post off-topic. Write Complete details about the bug ( i.e how is it reproducible, how is it caused etc ) Should not abuse the bug for personal gain. Must inform admins about it. If you have an evidence of someone abusing the bug, report them separately in reports board. Regards, Management Vice Freeroam Server
  19. Admin applications are closed by default because we have an almost complete staff panel from different timezones. However, we can still appoint / invite staff members from any timezone if we felt any need for it. If you are worthy to be a staff member, you will be monitored by staff panel and will be invited. However, you can still try and improve yourself to become a staff member. Regards, Management Vice Freeroam Server
  20. Technically, you need to have certain qualities to become fit for staff position. However, we won't list all of them here, but some basics which can help you become worthy to be staff are listed here. Activity ( Forum, Discord and InGame activity increase your chance to be noticed by staff panel ) Behavior ( Good behavior is one of your positive impacts ) Knowledge About Gamemode ( The more you know about the gamemode, the less you will break rules and the more you have chances to be in staff ) Helpfulness ( The more helping you are, the most deserving you are )
  21. Since timezone plays an important role in staff panel, here is the list of timezone from where, we won't recruit anymore staff members. Pakistan Bangladesh India Egypt Regards, Management Vice Freeroam Server NOTE: We might still invite people from these timezones as per our requirements.
  22. You need to keep the following policy points in mind while applying for a stats transfer. You must provide an evidence of your complete stats, must be from in-game. ( using /stats ) You can only have 1 stats transfer per month. ( if nickname change is requested ) You can transfer your stats by tag change ( i.e promotion in clan/gang ) anytime. Do not impersonate any clan or gang. You cannot request a nickname resembling a staff member, a player or any popular VC:MP figure. If found, you will be framed for impersonation. Do not spam. HTML logs will
  23. You must keep the following points in mind while applying for inactivity. Your reason of inactivity must be valid. You cannot go inactive for more than 3 months. Once the notice expires, you will have to play for a week to go inactive again. You cannot join the server when you are on inactivity. You will be removed from inactive list if you are found playing in any server. You cannot apply for inactivity if you are currently banned. Do not spam the notices. By applying for inactivity, you are agreeing that you have read the Inactivity policy a
  24. We have the policy regarding inactivity which must be followed: If you are on inactivity, you cannot play in any other server or this server. If found, you will be removed from inactivity list. If you go inactive without an inactivity notice, Your belongings ( Vehicles , Properties, Inventories etc ) will be delowned in 1 month. If you go inactive without an inactivity notice, your stats will be reset in 2 months. If you go inactive without an inactivity notice, your account will be deleted from database in 3 months. Inactive multiaccounts are removed period
  25. If you are banned wrongly by an admin, or are you apologetic about the ban and wants to reform yourself? You can post a ban appeal. Keep the following points in mind - Mention correct nickname, admin name, date and reason in format. You must not make false excuses, it will reduce your chances to be unbanned. If you are wrongfully banned and want the admin punished, post unban appeal with proper evidence against the admin. Admins are not at all , obliged to give you an evidence. Keep the temperature cool. Do not argue / show toxicity in ban appeal.
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