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  1. Patch Notes: • Fixed /buytool bug • Fixed robbery checkpoints randomly disappearing in mall. • Added some accessible rooftops around Vice City. • WK chatriot now has teleport to Roof as well. • Fixed some weapon desyncs. • Jitter system can now be used for all gamemodes. • Fixed k/d ratio.
  2. VFS Ranks ( Based on Robskills ) No. : #1 Rank : Newbie. Requirement : n/A Advantage/Unlockable : $100 per robbery. No. : #2 Rank : Pickpocket. Requirement : 1-99 Skills Advantage/Unlockables : $250-500 per every robbery. No. : #3 Rank : Underdog. Requirement : 100-249 Skills Advantage/Unlockables : $550-750 per every robbery No. : #4 Rank : Decoit Requirement : 250-499 Skills Advantage/Unlockables : $1000-1750 per every robbery + Tool Shop Access. No. : #5 Rank
  3. A minor update has been released. Patch Notes: - Weapon drop in Roleplay gamemode has been temporarily disabled until further updates. - Weapon Shop is now rank based and OP Weapons ( M4, Ruger, Spaz, Sniper and Laserscope ) are unlocked upon completing 500 Rob skills. - Tool Shop is now available and is rank based. Requires 250 Robskills to unlock Tool Access. 500 Rob skills for Chainsaw and Katana. - Bomb/Explosive Shop is now available and Rank Based. Requires 1500 Robskills to unlock. Yet, Explosives for Vehicles, Bank Robbery and Property Explosives are not av
  4. Patch Notes: • Added Abandoned Village near Fort Baxtor • Added Helping / Information Pickups for all Jobs near Their Spawn Locations. • Added Extra Checkpoints to deliver trash at Junkyard. • Added another Checkpoint to buy worms / sell fishes. • Added 10 Types of Finishes. • Added Random Chance to Capture multiple fishes using a single worm. • Fishery Pickups can move up and down randomly. • Fishery pickups are set to disappear within 15 seconds when not picked up. • Added Keybind RMB to Capture the Fish. • Upon entering a boat, you
  5. A minor update has been released. Patch Notes : • Added Auto Score update based on Kills/Skills/Stats in each gamemode. • You can no longer spawn with Baggage Carrier Job when you are wanted. • Baggage carriers can no longer move away from the airport.
  6. A minor update has been released. Patch Notes: • Fixed the mute system and mute evasion. • Added Current Stats ( Use keybind (K) to view, works for each gamemode ) • Fixed Bank Vault Checkpoint Co-ordinates. • Updated join message colours and credits.
  7. A minor update has been released. Patch Notes: - Improved FPV Disabled System. - Improved C-Glitch with Throwables Disabled System. - Improved Jitter System ( now there is a delay of 5s between each warn )
  8. A minor update has been released. Patch Notes : - Added a jetty at downtown - Improved Jitter System in DM. It now has a delay of 5 seconds after each warn.
  9. A minor update has been released. Patch Notes : - Added Deathsquad Interstate Ship - Added Stairs to Gspot light roof - Added Stairs at Vice Port roof access - Added Some Stairs at Little Havana - Added Some Stairs at Airport - Fort Baxtor is now fully accessible. - Added LOD file for Twin Towers. - Added Turismo ( not purchasble yet )
  10. A minor update has been released. Patch Notes: - The teleport checkpoints will no longer blink. They will show up when you are around them (range: 5m). So you are free to teleport.
  11. A Minor Update has been released. Patch notes: - Added custom blue radar - Added Semi-Viscous GTA IV Styled Map in Radar - Added Improved Map Menu - Reduced Files size and numbers. - Added Compressed Files.
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