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Before reporting a staff personnel

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Make sure to keep the following points in mind while reporting a staff member:

  • Use the appropriate format. 
  • If you are punished by an admin unfairly, then post an unwarn/unban appeal with proper evidence. Reporting them instead will lead to a forum+ingame warn. 
  • Do not report staffs for breaking ingame rules here. Report in Players report if an ingame rule is broken. 
  • Make sure that you have a proper evidence against the staff member you are reporting. Else, reverse action can be taken against you. 
  • Do not spam. 
  • Do not argue. 
  • No personal attacks. 
  • Kindly, no swearing or bad language/words. 
  • Developers cannot be reported lmao
  • Only staff can reply to a staff complaint. If you are not involved in report, do not reply/bumping. Else you will be forum warned. 
  • Off topics will be removed alongside a forum warn. 
  • If you tempered an evidence, you will be forum banned as well as ingame banned. 
  • HTML Logs arent acceptable at all.



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