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Replying to a report

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These notes are some additional points you need to keep in mind. 

You can reply to a Player Report if you fall into the following scenarios. 

  • You are the reporter.
  • You are the player who got reported. 
  • You have additional Evidence against/favouring the reported player. 
  • You are a staff member. 

If you do not fall under above scenarios and fall under the following, then you can also be punished for doing such : 

  • You are brother/relative of reporter. 
  • You are friend of reporter/reported player. 
  • You came to give a witness ( please keep in mind that we do not take witness, get an evidence or get lost ) 
  • You are just here to increase your post count by bumping. 
  • You have no IQ to understand what is written here. 
  • You have personal beef with reported player or the reporter. 



Vice Freeroam Server

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