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Hello players! I feel really pleased to announce the comeback of Vice Freeroam Server as Vice Freemode Server! The server will be releasing on Monday, 8th March 2021 at 12:30 PM GMT. VFS v1.5 will be making an epic comeback, with many new features, a whole new experience and multiple gamemodes. We will be starting all over again, but with a lot more excitement!

The gamemodes available in VFS v1.5  are listed at Gamemodes Introduction topic. Currently, the server will be opened with the Deathmatch and Roleplay gamemodes. Both the gamemodes contain many new features. The server contains many unlockables, which can be discovered while playing, there are certain features available for a special rank, i.e, the Donators' rank.


The server has many new features added. The players now spawn in the VFS Lobby upon joining. Upon entering the lobby, the players are allowed to choose their desired gamemode. After which they're sent to the class selection screen. The server now auto detects multiclients and prevents them by kicking players, as per cafes are concerned there are certain features, which allow admins to record and allow which IPs or UIDs to multiclient. Initially the server is being released with two gamemodes, which are deathmatch and roleplay. There are many unlockables associated with every gamemode.

There are GUI enhancements which enable a better gameplay experience. We also have a panel designed, so that players can check their stats without entering the game. There are certain exciting features that should be found in-game.


In addition to the features of the old VFS, the deathmatch gamemode now allows players to save locations, the spawn protection is customizable, the gamemode allows players to use special weapons in close range too, the gamemode has become much more simpler, but feature rich, as compared to older one due to introduction of new gamemodes.


The roleplay gamemode, has several features. But, the most important one being jobs, we have added 10 new jobs and plan on adding more. All these jobs have a unique and simple working, along with a good amount of remuneration. The roleplay mode contains all the properties and/or vehicles to be bought, all other gamemodes will not have provisions of buying vehicles and/or properties.

Regards, Anish

Development and Management Team

Vice Freemode Server

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