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The Deathmatch Gamemode

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At Vice Freemode Server, we provide you with a very unique deathmatch experience.

The server's deathmatching system provides the pure experience of deathmatching with all applicable deathmatching features.

These are the various main and unique features we provide:

  • Customisable Spawn Protection - The server allows the players to customise how long their spawn protection shall last, for example, 3 seconds, 5 seconds etc.
  • Custom Spawn Location - Players can customise their spawn locations according to their choice.
  • Last Position or Die Position - Players can choose whether to spawn where he or she died or not.
  • Custom Spawn Weapons - Players can choose a custom set of weapons to spawn with, according to their choice of desirable guns.
  • Custom Spawn Skin - Players have a provision to choose which skin they want to use, this requires for them to acquire the skin(s) through unlockables or from gifts.
  • Free for All Teams - Apart from the standard collection of teams, players can also choose an FFA team, this skin overrides the friendly fire effect.
  • Teleport and Healing Commands - The server provides players with the teleportation and healing commands, the teleport commands include saving locations and going to them, and the healing command heals the players, both are done in a certain duration of time.
  • No Vehicles - There are no vehicles in the deathmatch world/gamemode, so that no one faces any lag or FPS drops.
  • No Prohibition on Weapons - Players are allowed to use any weapon they wish to, and yes it includes Rocket Launcher. Also note, some weapons might be unavailable as they're added as unlockables.
  • Ranks - Players have ranks according to their number of kills, each rank comes with a new thing unlocked and it also increases the cash receivable per kill.
  • Spree System - The spree system, provides rewards according to the number of kills done.
  • Automatic Hit System - The server auto assigns hit on players, making it much more fun for players to earn money.
  • Jitter System - The server detects high jitters, and warns the player, after 3 warnings it will send the player back to lobby.

Vice Freemode Server


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