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If you are banned wrongly by an admin, or are you apologetic about the ban and wants to reform yourself? 

You can post a ban appeal.

Keep the following points in mind -

  • Mention correct nickname, admin name, date and reason in format. 
  • You must not make false excuses, it will reduce your chances to be unbanned. 
  • If you are wrongfully banned and want the admin punished, post unban appeal with proper evidence against the admin. 
  • Admins are not at all , obliged to give you an evidence. 
  • Keep the temperature cool. Do not argue / show toxicity in ban appeal.
  • No other admin can deal with one admin's ban if the ban is legit. 
  • If you think that the ban is illegitimate and ban appeal is unfairly closed, contact a developer and ask for a review. 
  • Do not boast about human errors. 
  • Do not insult any staff member.




Vice Freeroam Server

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