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A minor update has been released. 

Patch Notes: 

- Weapon drop in Roleplay gamemode has been temporarily disabled until further updates. 

- Weapon Shop is now rank based and OP Weapons ( M4, Ruger, Spaz, Sniper and Laserscope ) are unlocked upon completing 500 Rob skills.

- Tool Shop is now available and is rank based. Requires 250 Robskills to unlock Tool Access. 500 Rob skills for Chainsaw and Katana. 

- Bomb/Explosive Shop is now available and Rank Based. Requires 1500 Robskills to unlock. Yet, Explosives for Vehicles, Bank Robbery and Property Explosives are not available. 

- /su ( aliases: /die , /suicide, !kill , !su ) are now general for every gamemode. 

- Improved Minor Tweaks. 

- /weplist, /toollist, /bomblist has been updated. 

- /buywep now shows the cost per ammo of a specific weapon as well as par cost. 

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