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on: October 27, 2021, 10:21:19 AM

        Your In-Game Nickname: NarcotraficantE
        Rulebreaker's Name: [ON]HunTinG
        Explain the situation: First of all this idiot accusing me false of using hacks as I killed him several times in DM mode. He was making few long sprees on me and his shot have very high chance of hitting my it is obvious that he was using something himself. Everyone knows in VFS and VCCNR also in RTV servers I do not use hacks and never will. If I used hack I would make ridiculuously long sprees on him and he wouldn't of course, get a chance to make ridiculously long sprees on me. The amount of death in DM server I have clearly explains I use no cheat or anything. Then when I protest of falsely accusation he started insulting me and my family and I did insult back him too as using ignore command is no permanent solution and he kept insulting. Today some time ago when I was playing in game peacefully this retard come in server out of nowhere and started insulting and abusing my family with very toxic behavior. He is not a new player and he is known for his retardity and toxic behavious throughout many servers in VCMP. This time when he insulted my family NhanVienGiaoHang, shadow and few other players were present. They saw how without any provocation he started insulting. So I am reporting this retard with the following proof what he broke the No retardism/toxicity rule.


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Reply #1 on: October 27, 2021, 11:14:40 AM
Banned for 60days.
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